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Model Minute: Beach Bunny X Galore Mag Model Search Finalist Kara

We’re so happy for Kara who is one of the Beach Bunny X Galore Mag Model Search finalists. Don’t get she also featured in our online editorial “Babes Rev Bikes Better Than Boys” shot by Danielle Defoe.

Photographs by Danielle Defore

AGE: 20

How does it feel to be in the top 3 of the BeachBunny x Galore Model search?
It’s such an honor for me to be in the top 3 I love Beach Bunny swimwear they are such an established brand. Beach Bunny and Galore Mag only work with the best models and photographers, so to be considered for a shoot with these company’s is a dream come true for me.

What are your summer travel plans?
I haven’t even thought about it yet, I will probably stay in Los Angeles most of the summer.

What swimsuits in the new collection of Beach Bunny will you buy first if you win?
I love the bikini that Kate Upton wore on the cover of this years SI swimsuit, so hot. There are so many its hard to choose, I also love the solid keyhole halter top & skimpy bottom in black and the knitted zig zag halter top & skimpy tieside bottom, the print is just beautiful.

Favorite Galore Mag cover:
Brooke Candy, the one where shes grabbing the guys bums. I also love the cover of Nina Agdal on the bombshell issue.

Favorite supermodel bombshell of all time?
Cindy Crawford

What is your motto in life?
I enjoy life, life is about having fun, if its not fun its not worth it, my main goal is happiness.

What song reminds you most of summer fun?
Reggae and house music always remind me of summertime, right now I’m listening to Jamaica- Van she (plastic plates remix)

Which Beach Bunny model is your favorite?
Of course Kate Upton, shes just so sexy and womanly. I also love Xenia Deli, she is an inspiration for me because we both come from the same agency and Xenia won the model search a few years back, so it would be my dream to follow in her foot steps.

If you could design a collection for beach bunny what would it look like?
I love what Beach Bunny has already done so much. I think it would be fun to design a line inspired by the amazon, some animal prints with studs, exotic florals, tropical prints with lace, gold chains etc… I think that could be fun

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