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Kim Kardashian Flaunts Curves & Attempts To Bring Back Biker Shorts: Hot Or Not?

Kim Kardashian continued to flaunt her weight loss when she stepped out in a pair of spandex, high-waisted biker shorts, which she dressed up with sandals and an $11,000 studded leather jacket — did you love her retro look?

Kim Kardashian, 35, certainly knows how to turn heads — and that’s just what she did on May 31 when she stepped out for a meeting at Snapchat in Santa Monica, California, clad in a clinging pair of black spandex biker shorts. From lacy dresses to baggy jumpsuits, the hot mama loves to experiment with her style — and that’s just what she did on this occasion. The star confidently flaunted her curves in the high-waisted shorts, which she paired with an oversized, studded Enfants Riches Déprimés leather jacket, (which comes with a hefty $11,000 price tag). Before you break out the spandex shorts on date night, let’s investigate Kim’s latest look.

Her look was certainly a departure, especially when compared to what we’re used to seeing on Kim — in fact, it almost looked like she left the house with just her Spanx on! The clinging shorts stretched to right above the knee and extended quite high, to her waist, which is why they almost seemed to resemble shapewear — but who could forget the biker shorts trend?!

While the biker shorts were a major 90s style staple, (I proudly wore my pair on a school trip with a Guess logo tee that was knotted in a t-shirt clip), I’m not as eager as I once was to shimmy into a pair of spandex shorts. Although they always looked great on Kelly Kapowski, the proportions of the shorts make them a bit difficult to embrace, (but I’m all for a t-shirt clip comeback).

She rocked the shorts with an oversized leather jacket that was completely covered in studs. Red ankle-strap sandals added a pop of color to her get-up and dressed up her look. Biker shorts aren’t easy for anyone to rock, so we appreciate Kim’s bold attempt to bring back the trend — did it work? Would you rock biker shorts this summer or is it one trend you totally hope never comes back in style?

Check out Kim’s look above and let us know if you’re a fan of her interesting fashion statement — and if you are all about the biker shorts, SHOP for a six-pack in various colors HERE.

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