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Instagram Model Denies Affair With Travis Scott After Kylie Jenner Split: 'Stop Spreading Lies'

An Instagram model is shutting down fan speculation that she had an affair with Travis Scott.

After news of Kylie Jenner and Scott’s split broke earlier this week, a rumor began circulating online that Scott had been involved with a woman named Rojean Kar, who goes by YungSweetRo on Instagram.

Neither Jenner, 22, nor Scott, 28, has addressed the rumor, and reps did not respond to PEOPLE’s requests for comment. But according to E! News, YungSweetRo set the record straight Thursday on her Instagram account, which is private.

“None of these rumors are true, it’s just the internet creating a false narrative,” she reportedly wrote on her Instagram Story. “Please stop spreading lies & leave him, her & I alone because it’s affecting real lives. Thank you.”

A screenshot of the post is also circulating on Twitter.

A source tells PEOPLE that “any rumors of cheating are totally and completely false,” adding that the “press should really report on facts rather than rumors and speculation.”

PEOPLE confirmed on Tuesday that Jenner and Scott are taking a break from their relationship after over two years together.

“They are taking some time but not done,” said a source. “They still have some trust issues but their problems have stemmed more from the stress of their lifestyles.”

Jenner publicly confirmed the news on Thursday, tweeting, “Travis and I are on great terms.”

She added that the two are prioritizing their 20-month-old daughter Stormi.

“Our main focus right now is Stormi,” she wrote. “Our friendship and our daughter is priority.”

She also debunked a tabloid report that she had spent time with her ex Tyga after the split.

“The internet makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is. There was no ‘2am date with Tyga,'” she tweeted. “You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at.”

One source told PEOPLE that “several issues” contributed to the decision. According to the source, while Jenner “is all about family life and really wants a second baby,” Scott is focused on his booming music career.

“She still has trust issues with Travis. He hasn’t been giving her the commitment that she needs,” the source explained. “Travis isn’t ready to give her all that she wants.”

Still, the source said the two remain focused on their daughter, even as they live apart.

“They are both great parents and will co-parent,” said the source. “They don’t want their split to affect Stormi. As soon as they felt they couldn’t figure out their issues, they decided to separate so their disagreements won’t affect her.”

“There is absolutely hope that they will get back together,” the source added. “They are both young, but smart when it comes to their relationship.”

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