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Kanye West Emerges From NYC Apartment Where Kim Kardashian Is Hiding — First Pic

Kim Kardashian may be in hiding, but Kanye West isn’t! Just one day after reuniting with Kim following her terrifying robbery in Paris, Ye was spotted leaving the apartment where his wife is staying and recovering. See the first pic of Kanye right here!

Kanye certainly didn’t seem too happy to be out and about while his wife remained in hiding on Oct. 4, keeping his eyes covered by the hood of his green sweatshirt and not cracking any sort of smile as cameras captured his outing. It’s unclear where the 39-year-old rapper was going, but we wouldn’t doubt it if he’s getting something for his wife…because Kim probably isn’t coming out of their New York City apartment for quite some time!

It is somewhat surprising to see Kanye away from Kim, though, because he was SO upset about the lack of security she had in Paris. A source even told EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye got right up in the face of Kim’s main security guy Pascal Duvier and “unleashed hell” about not keeping Kim safe! So once Kim and Kanye were reunited on Oct. 3, we for sure thought Ye would stick with his wife until she’s ready to go back out in public!

Then again, Kanye could be totally leaving his wife to fend for herself in NYC. He’s right in the middle of his Saint Pablo Tour — and was even performing the night of her robbery (but abruptly left the show early due to a “family emergency,” a.k.a Kim’s incident) — but he postponed the two concerts he had scheduled this week in order to be by Kim’s side. Clearly he wants to make sure his lady is safe!

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Crazy enough, Kanye seemingly didn’t have much security with him while he went out. We’d think he’d want a troupe after what Kim went through! But let’s be honest, Kanye probably didn’t want any of their bodyguards to leave Kim’s side…otherwise he’d have to unleash hell again!

HollywoodLifers, are you glad to see Kanye out again? Do you think he should have more security around him? Tell us below!

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