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What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About You

Bright Pink You have an infectious laugh that makes those around you smile. Bubbly and inviting, you're great at making friends and meeting new people. Whatever you're doing, you accomplish it with excitement and dedication, whether it's embarking on a new job, training for a marathon, or simply binge-watching three seasons of the latest show to pop up on Netflix. Berry When a friend is in need of fashion advice, they know to come to you first. Intuitive and straightforward, you know how to tell it like it is without hurting anybody's feelings. You prefer to take risks over waiting to see what will happen, which may have occasionally gotten you into trouble as a teenager. Nowadays, your friends and family admire your spontaneity and candor. Red Ever since you were young, you've felt like you should have been born in a different decade. Maybe the 1920s, perhaps the 1950s — anytime besides the '80s, really. You love anything vintage, from gorgeous old houses to cute thrifted shoes. You're passionate and ambitious, always ready to jump in on a team project at work or do a fundraiser for a local charity. Violet Within your group of friends, you are widely considered the best one to talk to in a crisis. Loved ones come to you for help because of your calm nature and level-headedness — two qualities that also help you excel in the workplace. You're almost always easygoing, but when necessary you're fiercely defensive of your family and friends. Lip Balm You value practicality over nearly everything, and refuse to engage in petty behavior or rudeness. You never rubberneck accidents while you drive, nor do you waste time gossiping about people. Instead, you prefer to be as productive as possible, taking up several hobbies (and sometimes biting off more than you can chew). Gloss Some people grow out of their dream to become famous one day, but you still crave the spotlight. At parties, you're always one of the first people to start dancing and the last to leave. You're an expert on all things glamorous, and know far more about pop culture than the majority of your friends. Nude You've been told many times that you give excellent hugs. You can be a bit shy, which can occasionally lead new people to think you don't like them, but they always fall in love with your personality once you open up a little. Sweet and kind, you always want to bring happiness to those around you, and can't ever resist sharing the latest viral video featuring baby animals. Soft Pink You cherished your childhood teddybear well into your teens, but you were by no means immature. In fact, you were called "wise beyond your years" throughout your youth due to your empathy for others and high level of ambition. Even though you're willing to take leaps of faith in your personal life, you prefer to change the channel when a horror movie comes on and you would rather eat cotton candy than ride a rollercoaster at the fair. Plum It's in your very nature to be daring and bold. Growing up, you thrived on setting yourself apart from the crowd via your style. As an adult, you still stand out, but nowadays you know when to keep it toned down and when to rock a vampy all-black getup for a night out. You have exceptionally good taste in music, and your friends frequently ask you to give them recommendations on what to listen to next. Coral You're a lover, not a fighter — in fact, that's what the bumper sticker says on your energy-efficient car (or better yet, bicycle). Your perfect weekend consists of spending days on end under an umbrella at the beach, surrounded by your family. You thrive on dry shampoo. If it were healthy to eat ice cream with every meal, you absolutely would.

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