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Thank You, Kellyanne, For These 13 Hilarious Microwave Memes

She is truly a national treasure.

Dear President Donald Trump,

Thank you so much for giving the world Kellyanne Conway during what can only be called a dark time in America. She has not only shed light on so many important issues, revealing information we never knew, but she's also very obviously the real Inspector Gadget. There's no way I, or the United States of America, could ever repay you for this.

Yours Truly,

"A woman who would probably rank around the number 3 on your scale."

No, but seriously. Have you heard the latest remarks from Kellyanne Conway? She is most certainly a gem.

It all started when Trump made allegations that Obama had wiretapped him during the presidential campaign. Because apparently fighting ISIS is only second on the list of "Things Obama Needs To Work On" when it comes to Donald Trump.

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During an interview at Kellyanne Conway's home, she was questioned about the President's accusation:


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