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Why You Settle When It Comes To Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Is Mr. Right Now really good enough?

It would be great if every single one of us knew our worth and had extremely high standards, especially when it came to love. Unfortunately, we don’t always hold out for the best possible choice. We settle for less than rather than have nothing.

There are times when it’s been a while since our last relationship and it feels like someone, anyone, is better than no one. When you’re lonely and tired of being alone, you don’t have the energy to work towards making your relationship better or refusing to take someone who’s second best.


You know the saying that he may not be Mr. Right but he’s Mr. Right Now? The fact is that you can decide that you’re only going to be with someone for a short time, but the relationship hangs on for well past its stale date.

You know you should have ended things a long time ago but it’s gotten comfortable. And while there are no surprises, there aren’t any traumatic shocks either.

You may have had the perfect partner in the past, but something happened and now you have no faith that you’ll ever meet someone that amazing again. So, you lower your standards, knowing it would kill you to lose someone like that for a second time.

And if things are going that great in your life, you may not have the confidence to aim for a better partner. You know that your life is a mess, that you don’t want to burden anyone to save you, and you know that you must do it yourself. You just need the tiniest bit of support from someone that is less than what you deserve and more than a booty call.

Whatever your reasons are for settling, know that it’s OK and that beating yourself up about it won’t help you.


Hopefully, you won’t settle forever and one day you’ll hold out for someone that is perfect on many levels, who loves you unconditionally and makes you smile every day.

Here’s why we settle for less, based on your zodiac sign.


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