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What Mercury Conjunct Jupiter On December 21st Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Week

If you can imagine it, get ready to make it happen.

On December 21st, Mercury and Jupiter will conjunct in Sagittarius, opening up our world and helping us to expand our thoughts. This truly will not just be a New Year for our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, but a whole new chapter!

This is an astrology aspect that makes us really step out of the box, leave behind the pain or confusion of the past year, and move forward into making our dreams become the life we’re living.

In astrology, a conjunction is the meeting up of two planets within the same sign, so the qualities of each are magnified, which benefits us in saying goodbye to 2018 once and for all. Mercury conjunct Jupiter is a fast-moving transit, so while we may feel these energies over the course of this week, it will be strongest on just this one day, so we have to make the most of it.

Mercury is the planet of communication, otherwise known as the trickster planet because of the way he tends to mess up matters while in retrograde motion. Depending upon which sign Mercury is in, how we think, speak or even text others will impact our plan for our future.

In Sagittarius, this planet is only focused on the future. Whatever happed yesterday or last week no longer matters; it doesn’t matter if the past year didn’t go as planned or if we’ve had our hearts broken and plans dashed. What matters is that all we’ve experienced has led us here, to this moment.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, the philosopher, the sign that wants to experience as much of the world as he can and to hopefully make a difference along the way too. It’s the sign that's about embracing all he can, and for us it means that we’re welcoming in a whole new way of living in 2019. It’s time to drop the patterns and storylines we’ve been behind this year, and it means we’re committing to forgiving ourselves, others and making the choice to let life back in.

One of the greatest gifts we have for 2019 is Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance and optimism; he makes everything bigger that he touches, which means our blessings will be even greater. There is a caveat, which is that we have to be willing to actually take the steps forward necessary to make the space for it and not be walking around in circles or constantly looking over our shoulders.

Mercury and Jupiter are not obviously associated with being connected to love; however, there is a strong influence that both of these important planets will have over us, given the recent astrology. Since the active summer eclipse season and multitude of retrograde planets, we’ve really been given the gift of looking at our relationships in a different light. We’ve been shown the truth — not just about another person but also in terms of our own actions.

We’ve been asked to face secrets and to go deeper within ourselves and our needs for a relationship than we ever have before. And because of that, we’ve seen changes within even the most stable of connections.

Since Venus turned direct, we had to acclimate to these new changes and decide where we want to go from here, but we’ve also been asked to make the choice to remove whatever blocks were in place that were preventing us from having that relationship we desired.

The thing with these amazing relationships that many speak of desiring have little to do with that intense chemistry or connection that burns so hot; rather, it's about the mental and emotional readiness of another to practice what it means to be in relationship. It means that while chemistry is still important we also want to look at practicalities to see if we want the same things from life, if we have the same expectations as one another, and if we’re committed to working on ourselves.

It’s not just about the amazing nights together but the long-term growth that both are interested in. This means looking at our relationships with a more realistic light, and we’re also in the place to start making different choices, even in existing relationships, to create a more dynamic and healthy connection.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter will have us blending what we want for our future with the kind of the relationship we want to have, and with Mercury in the mix we’re also going to share our truth and plans with our partners. This means that we’re going communicate our needs and dreams with our partners and look at the situation realistically if it seems we’re on different pages.

For existing relationships, it’s likely that this transit will bring up future goals which can include travel, children, marriage or even a proposal, given that it’s occurring around the Christmas holiday.  

For those who are unattached or newly dating, this could have a surprising turn of events where suddenly you and your love interest start sharing more about what you want for your futures, and if you can help one another achieve them. We are stronger together, but only if we’re both committed to growth and to a healthy relationship.

For those that are, this transit will make it apparent, because rather than creating a rift, it will help draw you two closer towards one another.

We all reach that point of no return, and for many of us we’re ready to say goodbye to 2018 and all of the lessons we learned. Now is the time to dream, to connect with those who want to be part of our journey, and to get ready to have our life become everything we’ve always wanted. 

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