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Are You Confident?

Do first impressions matter? How we present ourselves to others does make a huge difference in how they see us. Whether we can interact with someone with calm confidence or nervous energy can impact how relaxed others are around us. Confidence makes a difference because people like to feel they can relax and enjoy the company of someone. If a person is full of anxious energy and the other person doesn’t know why that person is nervous, they may end up feeling anxious or nervous as well. It can be hard to relax. When looking for a romantic partner, everyone looks for someone who puts them at ease and makes them feel like they can put their guard down. Most people don’t want to be intimate with someone that makes them feel like they need to watch their back.

Confidence doesn’t just mean arrogance and taking control though. Many people think that confidence is only shown through making a big scene, taking control of every situation, and generally making oneself loud and the absolute center of attention. People have viewed this as confidence for a long time and, for some, this may be what confidence can look like. The tricky part becomes that it is also what a lot of false or fake confidence looks like. And those who don’t fake confidence well are really easy to spot and even more off-putting to people. Often people will describe this behavior as “trying too hard”. It can end a relationship of any kind before one even begins and even set people against us. 

The secret to real confidence is feeling comfortable with ourselves and who we are. So when we are interacting with someone, it’s best if we are relaxed and our authentic selves. We don’t have to put on a big show or pretend to be someone we are not to demonstrate how confident we are. If you are comfortable in your own skin, that feeling will come across to other people. That is the type of confidence that the majority of people respond the most positively to, regardless of if they realize it or not. 

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