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Women’s Age And Getting Pregnant

For individuals and couples there can be many reasons why life gets in the way of starting a family. Not having a partner, career, finances, housing, travel, not feeling ready, whatever the reason, many find that it’s just not the right time to have a baby.

Sometimes  people find themselves trying to get pregnant later in life, when it can be a lot more difficult.

For women, the easiest time to get pregnant is before the age of 30. As women get older, it takes longer to conceive and  the chance of having a baby decreases.

In general:

  • women are most fertile before the age of 30
  • after 30, women's fertility starts to decrease
  • after 35 fertility declines more significantly
  • by 40, a woman’s fertility is about half the level it was before she was 30.

A study compared women’s ability to conceive, in different age groups. It showed that, compared to women aged 30-31, the chance of conceiving was: 

  • 14 percent lower for women aged 34-35
  • 19 percent lower for women aged 36-37
  • 30 percent lower for women aged 38-39
  • 53 percent lower for women aged 40-41 years.

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  • Jinnifer Rose

    Jinnifer Rose

    2019-11-13 11:32:22

    Sad I’ll be40 in a few months. I do already have3 but i thought I’d like to have just one more Thankful tho for the opportunity to have them at all. I know some women who want and cannot or haven’t found the right person

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