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So I Havent Had My Period In A While And I Have Had Unprotected Sex, But We Use The Withdrawl

so i havent had my period in a while And i have had Unprotected sex, but we use the withdrawl Method... Im scared my periods been 10 days late and i go get a wellness check with my mom the 15th im so nervouss I NEED ADVICE !!!

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  • ya like J A Z Z

    ya like J A Z Z

    2019-11-10 05:22:40

    beat the ever loving shit out of your stomach...or use a condoms...or don't have sex

  • Maz Stoen

    Maz Stoen

    2019-11-13 01:16:13

    try to get a test accidents happen if you are pregnant talk to your mom about it and your bf parents should know too if you are

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