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So I Havent Had My Period In A While And I Have Had Unprotected Sex, But We Use The Withdrawl

so i havent had my period in a while And i have had Unprotected sex, but we use the withdrawl Method... Im scared my periods been 10 days late and i go get a wellness check with my mom the 15th im so nervouss I NEED ADVICE !!!

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  • ya like J A Z Z

    ya like J A Z Z

    2019-11-10 05:22:40

    beat the ever loving shit out of your stomach...or use a condoms...or don't have sex

  • Maz Stoen

    Maz Stoen

    2019-11-13 01:16:13

    try to get a test accidents happen if you are pregnant talk to your mom about it and your bf parents should know too if you are

  • Kayla Curtis

    Kayla Curtis

    2019-11-14 20:32:20

    It's your body. Just do what you gotta do and don't freak out. You don't seem ready for parenting either if I'm frank.

  • Kayla Curtis

    Kayla Curtis

    2019-11-14 21:54:04

    His parents don't need to know and aren't obligated to. Her boyfriend and parents are the only ones that need to know depending on her age. But ultimately, if she could deal with it on her own and is an adult(18+) nobody needs to know. It's technically her own personal medical history.

  • Asia Williams

    Asia Williams

    2019-11-18 12:57:18

    I would never ever tell you to beat your stomach knowing that you can possibly be pregnant. There’s safer measures to respond to an unwanted pregnancy. But it is absolute your choice.

  • Rain


    2019-11-18 18:22:43

    if you can talk to your mother

  • Kerubina Dejesus

    Kerubina Dejesus

    2019-11-19 03:51:35

    Talk to your mother she will understand. If it turns out your not pregnant still have the talk with your mother for you to get some kind of birth control. She will be mad at first but she’ll get over it. Trust me

  • Kerubina Dejesus

    Kerubina Dejesus

    2019-11-19 03:52:38


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