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Woke Up This Morning To Some Light Bleeding , Painful ASF ! Not So Much Stomach Pain My Uterus Felt

Woke Up This Morning to Some light bleeding , painful ASF ! Not so much stomach pain my uterus felt like it was Gonna fall out (lol) Passed some clots , feeling less pain Now . Period was 4 days late . Nervous wreck now😵😞

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  • MeeshDelight


    2019-11-08 02:14:27

    is the Preggo test still negative?

  • Kyla Bratt

    Kyla Bratt

    2019-11-08 04:32:09

    I didn’t take another one 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m spotting right now I’m gonna see how long this last before I take another one

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