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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Want To Have A Baby Boy After Wedding

Aww! Kim and Kanye want baby Nori to have a little brother — and soon, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. How sweet would that be?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want their 7-month-old daughter North West to have a baby brother to play with, and they are hoping to get pregnant sometime soon after their wedding this summer in Paris, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Baby Boy? — Couple Wants Second Child After Wedding

Kim, 33, and Kanye, 36, are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes of becoming pregnant with a little baby boy.

“Kim and Kanye both want North to have a sibling, preferably a brother, in somewhat of a close age range,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Like two, but no more than three years a part,” the source continues. “Kim doesn’t want a super big family like she already has with her brother and sisters. Just a few kids for her and Kanye will do. Two, three at the most.”

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We can’t wait to meet the rest of Kim and Kanye’s future family! We hope they get the little son they’re hoping for!

Kim Kardashian Helps Ciara Shop For Her Unborn Child

Since Kim is already kicking butt at being a mom, she’s helping her girl Ciara out in that department.

The two stars were seen shopping for baby items at the famous Bel Bambini Baby Boutique in West Hollywood, Calif. on Feb. 12.

“Kim is a regular here and she was showing Ciara around, helping her pick out a few items in anticipation of her baby’s arrival,” a source inside the boutique EXCLUSIVELY confirmed to

“They looked at a few different cribs and bedding designs and also some feeding apparatuses that we carry.  They were both upbeat, smiling and sharing the joys of being pregnant. It was a nice moment for the girls and we adore them.”

So what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kim and Kanye try for baby #2 after their wedding? Let us know!

— Eric Ray

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