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50 Weight Loss Secrets Revealed In 5 Words Or Less

Here at Eat This, Not That!, we spend a lot of time sorting through medical journals, nutritional databases, and the latest health and fitness research. We’ve learned an awful lot about science-y stuff like brown fat cells, alpha-linoleic acid, and something called fibroblast growth factor 21. (It’s a liver hormone. Don’t sweat it.) We also know way too much about what’s inside a chicken nugget.

But our job is to boil it all down into news you can use and, more importantly, remember. And while Twitter may have thrown down the 140-character gauntlet, we’ve decided to go one better: to answer some of your most burning questions about fat-burning in five words or less. So now there’s no need to remember whether you’re rooting for the Firmicutes or the Bacteroidetes (both forms of gut bacteria; it’s the latter that helps promote weight loss). All you need are five little words, and you’re on your way to a littler middle. And to blast fat even faster, don’t miss these essential 55 ways to boost your metabolism—fast!

A: You’re eating too many calories.

A: You’ve trained yourself. Untrain yourself.

A: Eat plenty, don’t drink any.

A: Pick quality over quantity.

A: Get checked for sleep apnea.

A: You have to “massage” it.

A: Lactose can cause bloating.

A: Yes.

A: No.

A: Responsibly. Try The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse.

A: No. Avoid tilapia, catfish, swordfish.

A: Most aren’t. Energy = calories.

A: 1-2 cups, yes. More, no.

A: Only if it’s 70%+ cacao.

A: No. Only 100% whole wheat.

A: Low-sodium vegetable soup.

A: If you ask, then yes.

A: Butter. Better yet, olive oil.

A: Only slightly. Choose Manuka honey.

A: It might be worse!

A: Drink a glass of water.

A: It’s like dosing with estrogen.

A: Walnuts.

A: It’s where the nutrients live.

A: Darker beans have more nutrition.

A: Eat protein throughout the day.

A: Green tea.

A: Avoid it if you’re sensitive.

A: Turkey

A: If they’re low-sugar.

A: Guava: protein, fiber, vitamin C

A: Buy foods with hidden veggies.

A: Full-fat plain Greek yogurt

A: Chia seeds

A: When you’re eating the skins.

A: Yes, it spikes blood sugar.

A: Order first, before your friends.

A: Realize that you are awesome.

A: No. Frozen’s usually better.

A: Ask yourself: Am I hungry?

A: Have soup before each meal.

A: Wheat bran.

A: Avoid temptation; use self-checkout.

A: Cut booze, burn 73% hotter.

A: Just stay away from instant.

A: Mustard.

A: Vitamin D.

A: Getting married.

A: Seaweed.

A: Eat less sugar.

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