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What Was Your Most Wuthering Heightsie Love Affair?

If you have not read Wuthering Heights, here is the ‘study notes’ version lol!  But this question works best if you HAVE read the wretched thing. I read it once as a teenager & adored it. When I re-read it a few years ago, i freaked at what an a-hole Heathcliff was. So, what was your most Wuthering Heightsie relationship & with WHAT sign??? I am thinking tortured, requited but never quite happening, Goth-toned and possibly adulterous with shitloads of yearning and banked up sexual desires. With or without the ghosts and wandering the Moors at night…

Also, while we are on this, Wuthering Heights is MEGA Venus-Pluto& what signs are Cathy & Heathcliff???  How BAD is he?  And is  it just me or is the spookiest bit of the book right at the start, where she comes back as a CHILD ghost???  Soz for the spoiler but the book HAS been out for centuries…

And how unreal is Kate Bush doing it as a song???  She is Leo, of course – hair, red dress, lit references, love of art/performance.She has the same birthday as Emily Bronte, the author of Wuthering Heights.  She also has Venus in Cancer sextile Pluto and trine Neptune…She should do a whole series of Gothic fairy tale love style songs & epic poetry…Venus aspecting Neptune does NOT like the mutual obligation, counsellory end of love. They live for Great Love, soul stirrings and Poignant Moments. Sometimes they prefer things to be left undeveloped, unrequited…anything to avoid the non-poignant Menstrual Bickering In The Carpark At Ikea moments.

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