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Turquoise Is The Sagittarius Talisman Stone

Turquoise is the Sagittarius talisman stone, connected to this sign since the most ancient of days. But, classically, it must not be second hand.

The Ancient Apache tribe thought it gave hunters, warriors, and archers perfect aim. The Ancient Persians said it was unique and protective to horses. It wards off the Evil Eye by changing color to warn you of impending jealousy. Turquoise signifies strength, protection and the powers of Sea and Sky.

And, as a Mutable Fire sign, Sagittarians are grounded by Earth aka Stones whereas the Earth signs can risk overload if they pile on the gemstones and crystals.

These bracelets above are antique Navaho. But, one old myth about the stone is that you should never wear it second hand as the energies of the previous owner become so thoroughly imprinted in the turquoise that one’s vibe is muddied.

The ultimate Sagittarius talisman? Turquoise encrusted into something practical: a belt, bridle for their horses or a pen-knife.


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