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17 Hilarious Thanksgiving Fails You'Ll Be Thankful Aren'T Yours

Turkey Cookies

Turkey? Not so much. Angry birds? Dead on.

Turkey Apple

Apple, you're drunk.

Duchess Potatoes

Deflategate 2.0.


Tootsie Pop Turkey

This turkey clearly told multiple lies cause check that nose.


Who likes dark meat?


Rice Krispie Turkey

It's like those ugly dog contests—it's so hideous, it's adorable.

Oreo Turkeys

Even if it looks like crap, there's an upside: OREOS.

Veggie Turkey Tray

And they're vegetables, so there's literally no redeeming factor here.

Turkey Cookies

Just nailing those possessed owl vibes.

Sweet Potato Casserole

In all fairness, some people do like their marshmallows burnt.


Mini Bundt Pumpkin

I'm not seeing the pumpkin, but if anyone is looking for a moldy peach cake...

Turkey Cake Pops

Maybe the first time I'd turn down something with the word "cake" in it.

Rice Krispie Turkey

The struggle of handling melted chocolate is real.

Dinner Rolls

Add a line of yellow dots and you've got yourself an edible (questionably) game of PacMac.


Caramel Apple Pops

Once you pop, the fun definitely does stop.

Turkey Cupcakes

These turkeys are trotting straight to the trash.

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

They got the wrong holiday. Halloween is the scary one.

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