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A New Sexy Hoohoo Trend: What Astro-Influence?

Okay, to continue on with the theme du jour – are we getting into practice for Venus in Scorpio or what?

I have some points:

* Is the Ancient Sanskrit Goddess Kunti the origin of another word?

* Whomever does the US Cosmo Coverlines should get a Pulitzer.  It is probably just the same articles as usual but i want to know what “the touch that calms him during a fight” is.  Would it work for cage-fighting? Or do you think they just mean “argument”?  And the sexy move that works from 20 feet away? Taking your top off?

* Note the “Untamed Va-jay-jays – Guess Which Sexy Style Is back” line. We have to trust Cosmo on this matter. So WHAT astrological scenario could be behind this? The maturing of the Pluto in Scorpio generation?  Because it was the Pluto in Libras coming of age that coincided with rampant Brazilians, as we explored in Evolution of the Muff.  It is NOT Saturn into Libra – Libra is more of a body-hair-phobic sign, in general.

* Apparently Kate Winslet, tres Libran,  had to wear a merkin (pubic wig) for her nude turn in The Reader, as she could not grow her own hair back convincingly enough.

* If Untamed Hoohoos are back (I so don’t want to get stung with an X rating) then presumably so soon will be 70s porn star moustaches for men & hairy chests. We have to ping this onto either the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born mid-80s to mid-90s) coming of age and asserting their sexual culture, Uranus into Aries or…what, exactly?

* Thoughts?

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