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Pisces Gifts Problems Solved

Pisces gifts can be impossible. They always say they don’t want a thing, and then they are in denial about how unique their tastes are. Here, the solution!

Pisces people loudly proclaim not to give a shit about their birthdays. They are above the petty tyranny of time, their age, or anniversaries. And they hate formal occasions for any reason, let alone to mark the passage of time. Pisceans function best when they see themselves as timeless.

And while they love gifts, they hate being asked what they want. And their tastes are so fluid, who knows?  One moment they’re macrobiotic and the next Goth. You buy them the Tofu Vouchers they requested, but then they want only to drink gin on the grave of a recently rediscovered poet. They’re neon tonight, granite tomorrow. They claim to be scent fanatics but by the time you turn up with your barely available pre-WWI Guerlain decanted direct from Paris; the Piscean says they only wear Sweet Almond Oil with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

They’re Neon Tonight – Granite Tomorrow

Pisceans do not care for materialism, as such, you understand. They don’t bother with bling unless it is magical, surreal or invested with supernatural historical significance. Well, you might argue, how about a voucher for an experience? A massage, trip, night out? No! Pisces people most value time. A string of days with literally no appointments on them is heaven for Pisces. A gift voucher for an experience, no matter how desirable, will come across as an onerous obligation to this sign.

Solution: A Feng Shui envelope with cash in it. A Red, Chinese, Feng-Shui auspicious envelope with cash or coins in it. It meets the secret Pisces love of practical magic and cash-money. Add in a mysterious message or paragraph of poetry and your Pisces will be delighted.  If it seems too simple to solve your Pisces gifts problem, try it and see.

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