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I'M 26 Days Late And I Have Taken Multiple Pregnancy Tests All Came Back Negative And I Also Have

I'm 26 days late and I have taken multiple pregnancy tests all came back negative and I also have PCOS. I was getting my period and ovulating for over a year without medication though. I don't understand what's going on. I need help.

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  • shannon Holland

    shannon Holland

    2019-12-31 17:45:57

    I would just go to the doctor :(

  • Destany Dougherty

    Destany Dougherty

    2019-12-31 18:27:23

    have you taken pink dye tests

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-31 21:35:47

    I would go see your obgyn

  • Yamilet Sanchez

    Yamilet Sanchez

    2020-01-02 07:13:16

    I’m late 19 days I don’t know what’s going on

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