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Mrs Pluto – The Asteroid Persephone

Krista Huot

You know, I am sure, the Persephone myth? Persephone a.k.a. Proserpina (the Roman – think Aphrodite v.s. Venus for the difference) is innocently picking flowers one Spring day. Tempted by a narcissus, she also encounters the Hades a.k.a. Pluto and is then (depending on which version of the story you are reading) is either abducted or lured into the underworld where she winds up Queen of the Underworld.

It’s a totally complex tale with multiple themes & richness. If it resonates, you can actually fling two asteroids into your chart – Persephone (asteroid 399) and Prosperina (asteroid 26) What does their sign/house placement and any aspects mean? I don’t know!!!  I haven’t looked into them…This is going to be it.

I did found one description that had Persephone as signifying a sort of stupidity, naivety and sort of bumbling into the underworld style urges. Great. Because I have her conjunct Neptune in my tenth so it’s amazing i can even sober up long enough from my underworld bumblings to write scopes etc. Okay, lol.

Apart from being a folk tale to explain the seasons, Persephone’s story is so clearly also like that of Eve – the loss of innocence…and what’s more the desired loss of it. Eve eats the apple. Persephone eats the pomegranate. It’s also a tale of rebirth – Persephone goes into the underworld and learns all sorts of things so it’s like the story of Inanna/Ishtar’s trip into the underworld and subsequent triumphant rebirth.

Right now Persephone is at 10 Pisces & Proserpina at 28 Capricorn. Hmm. So this New Moon Eclipse on Friday will be conjunct Venus AND Prosperina…a rebirth indeed.  I am going to take a punt and say that either of these asteroids have to do with where you may seem serene & untroubled but where you have in fact faced trials…you’ve swum in underground streams…Where you’ve munched on some forbidden fruit and liked it, maybe.

In the story of Psyche (asteroid 16) –  considered an essential metaphor for women’s psych development by Carl Jung – one of Psyche’s tasks is to pop down into the underworld and collect a sample of Persephone’s fabulous beauty cream.  My god, is there a Jungian in the house??

Another thing to think about: Could/would either of these asteroids operate like a sort of Lady Pluto by transit???  Does seeing this New Moon Eclipse as being tied in with Venus AND Proserpina make you feel about it any differently?

Proserpina Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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