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Cheering Up The Libra In Your Life…

Let’s contemplate our Libra for a nano…

* Sweet tooth?

* Love of Pink?

* Appreciates Expensive Gifts?

* Thinks cupcakes chic?

* Diamond is their birthstone?

* Needs things to be done ‘right’?

* Enjoys the smell of highly expensive icing?

* Currently has the shits as Saturn stationing Retro in Libra, sending out erratic guilting-rays of ‘get-thy-shit-together-now-or-your-end-is-nigh’ style crap that affect everyone a bit but ESPECIALLY our Libby-Fleur, particularly those born in September?

The answer is YES times seven.

I betcha all these factors fit a Libran you know…Now, you need only figure out a way to afford the world’s most expensive cupcake at just over $100,000.

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