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Are Ancestors, Past Lives And South Nodes Linked?

The South Node and past lives enmesh. But do they also integrate with planet lines and ancestral energy?


I have been wondering about this question for a while now and you touched on it a bit in regards to your “Cornwall” ancestry. What role does ancestry, genetics and hereditary play in our cosmic makeup? If I am a rising this or a rising that, doesn’t that trump any type of genetic inheritance? If one believes in past lives,  does ancestry not matter or are our past lives always in the same genetic line?

I used to be insanely addicted to my ancestry, genetic makeup, and heritage along with ancient civilizations and tribes and how my own Y-DNA might have progressed from them. My own Y-DNA is Norwegian by way of England (Devon), and before Norway who knows. Long story, could be related to pre-Slavic, Iranian tribes. 

Anyway, I was into all of this before I got into astrology and now I am wondering if it even matters anymore because of our cosmic ties. What are your thoughts?

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The South Node and Past Lives Are Just One Dimension Of An Astral Matrix.

This is such an interesting question. The Nodes shifting into Cancer/Capricorn this year, along with Saturn already in Capricorn, will be a resurgence in ancestor spirits.

Astrologically, look to your South Node for a sense of previous existences. People with the same Nodes as you are your Soul Pod, for sure. Certain astrological themes recur in families. Runs of Scorpios. Whole clans where everyone has Venus square Saturn. Big-time Jupiter-Pluto Vibe in your dynasties such as the Kennedy family.  Whole bloodlines where everyone has Mercury Rising, whatever.

But ultimately, the past and its lands are lost to us except for in our dreams, during meditation and random psychic flashes. This is the realm of Neptune, shamans, mediums, and poets. I did my DNA and compared it with my birth chart cast over the globe. Not a single Sun, Moon or planet line ran through Cornwall. Or from anywhere else my DNA was apparently tied to. And of course, our soul is not determined by gender, race or genetics.  There is probably a strand of DNA linked to ancestral memories. If we can inherit traits like skill with languages or green eyes, surely we can inherit memories?

But i do not believe that our soul that reincarnates through lives is tied to something so simple as gender or skin hue, let alone religious beliefs. I’ve been vegan for years and vegetarian since the age of 5. I doubt many of my ancestors were and my blood type (the primal-killing-neanderthal one) certainly does not suggest it. It’s just me but i feel it in my soul.

Moon Gazing In Other Times

If you’re magic or you’re witch-affiliated, that carries on through lives. Deep in your psyche and presumably within the double helix matrix of the DNA, encoded in, is a memory of Moon Gazing in other times, the smell and feel of the ocean, certain scents on the breeze beneath the stars. A recollection of having studied – say – astrology or medicine – before. The first time i ever looked at a birth chart, at the age of 11 or something, i felt relief at seeing one again. Only, of course, it was not “again.” Once I met a mercenary who said he always knew that was his path, life after life. He would not be someone anyone would describe as “spiritual.”

Fortunately, for my Mars in Virgo, i don’t have the time to geek out on Ancestry DNA but i can see how it becomes engrossing. What i do know for sure is that reliably, people with strong Sun, Moon or inner personal planet links to your Nodes are important, always. The conjunctions to the North Node are usually more constructive than the South Node connections that tug into such a poignant familiarity. The South Node and past lives are just one dimension of a vast astral matrix.


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