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Justin Bieber Jokes About Being 'Used' By Kourtney Kardashian

Justin Bieber has finally addressed those Kourtney Kardashian hookup rumors.

In a radio interview with "The Bert Show," which aired on Wednesday, the Biebs commented on one of the many headlines to surface online after he was spotted with the 36-year-old. 

"I'm being used, man. What can I say?" he joked. 

He didn't go into any more details, and when asked if there was anything going on between the two, he said, "Nah, we'll leave it at that." 

"No, no, but for real, she's great. I've known [the Kardashians] for years," the 21-year-old added. 

During the interview, the "What Do You Mean" singer talked about his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, for the umpteenth time. 

"What is she trying to do to my heart right now? I'm just kidding. She loves me. I love her, too, always. Who's this guy? He's a joke! This guy's a chump," Bieber said, referencing male model Christopher Mason, who appears in Gomez's "Hands To Myself" video. "Nah, I guess he's pretty handsome actually. I can't even lie."

And as he's said in the past, the Canadian singer admitted that he still cares for Gomez and just wants the best for her. 

"I just want her to be happy. I love [Selena]. We're friends still," he said. "We needed time to grow for ourselves and we were like, 'Maybe we'll come back together in the future,' and then it ended up being so long and we just grew apart and we're not the same people anymore."

These days, the Biebs seems to have moved on with 19-year-old Hailey Baldwin, with whom he rang in the new year.

The two have been a rumored couple for a while now, though Baldwin shut down relationship rumors on multiple occasions. However, the "Sorry" singer shared a photo on Instagram of the pair sharing a steamy kiss during their New Year's vacation, confirming that they're probably more than just friends. 

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