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I'M Going To Need A Cuddle

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day...I won't really be celebrating :-(
Saturday is lil pastas birthday...I won't be seeing her ( she's off to Paris, lucky girl )
Tomorrow is the 24th anniversary of my mum's death.
I've been trying to figure out why my emotions have been all over the place the oast few days. Now I see why. It's just all happening at once. :-((

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  • Vanesa Diaz

    Vanesa Diaz

    2019-11-23 14:37:48

    Triple whammy pasta x

  • monthly horoscopes

    monthly horoscopes

    2019-11-23 19:40:52


  • Lety Talledo

    Lety Talledo

    2019-11-23 17:43:16

    awwww come here .....

  • Iheanacho Confidence

    Iheanacho Confidence

    2019-11-23 19:59:06

    ahhhh...hugs xx

  • Akinjobi Temidayo

    Akinjobi Temidayo

    2019-11-23 14:20:42

  • Vidar Jensen

    Vidar Jensen

    2019-11-23 19:24:38

    You can totally ignore the first one anyway- you've been over 'ere that long that you're now a Brit so you can do away with that 'foreign' rubbish ;-)

  • Adigun Abiodun Muinat

    Adigun Abiodun Muinat

    2019-11-23 15:50:44

    nothing to be thankful for here, B00! Except not living in Trumpland.

  • kolluri mangala

    kolluri mangala

    2019-11-23 22:27:20

    Hugs and a big one X for you, pastaxxxxxx and as I'm such a tart, some little pecks too, sweetheart.

  • Simran Allan

    Simran Allan

    2019-11-23 21:56:45

    You'll be fine, Pasta. No tears now!

  • emma_gibb__


    2019-11-23 20:28:05

    Happy Memories, pasta....I can understand...I'm over here with my gals in the States and would so love to be with them. Concentrate on those good times with past and present! and Happy Gobble Gobble Day.

  • Fabiana Leòn-Velarde Maravi

    Fabiana Leòn-Velarde Maravi

    2019-11-23 10:18:16

    Ahhh, that's rotten. Sending kind thoughts xxx

  • Kay Nkwanyana

    Kay Nkwanyana

    2019-11-24 22:27:22

    Just in case I don't see you tomorrow pasta, " happy Thanksgiving " treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it. :-)

  • Ladyville-kdenise Griffith

    Ladyville-kdenise Griffith

    2019-11-27 12:33:32

    Love and Hugs ((♥))

  • Brittany Mackey

    Brittany Mackey

    2019-11-28 11:56:02 are a lovely bunch!I had a good cry...I think writing the words here released some pent up feelings.Then I came on here...and had a wee laugh...;-)Thank you xxx

  • Heather King

    Heather King

    2019-11-24 06:22:33

    HUG from me>-----:0x-----

  • dyaami_


    2019-11-29 18:59:35

    pasta. Emotions run high for everyone at some time. There is always a shoulder to cry on, a pair of arms to give you a hug and a few words of comfort to help you through these hard times, albeit in the cyber world, they still help. Thinking of you my lovely. xxxxx

  • Jahaira Garcia

    Jahaira Garcia

    2019-11-29 20:30:34

    Consider yourself well cuddled.Good luck with today.

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