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Knight To King: Check Your Mate!

So, I started dating my other half when we were at school.  At that point he was a clever, bespectacled lad with a bit of a wild side.  The specs were soon ditched for contact lenses and as soon as the school blazer was abandoned, he embraced motorbikes with messianic fervour.

He was, as Lord Byron once put it, ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know.’  Well, he wasn’t mad.  But two out of three ain’t bad.  As St Meat of Loaf once put it.

He joined the merchant navy and headed off to see the world.  He came home tanned and wore his hair, as you can see here, in a mullet.  In his defence, it WAS the haircut du jour.  He also liked to wear sleeveless (fairly tight) t-shirts to show off his tanned and toned bits and bobs.  Dear reader, he was quite the catch.

He rode a big motorbike.  He worked hard and played equally hard – AC/DC was his drug of choice and, dear reader, to a girl who listened to nothing but Kate Bush it was THRILLING!!!

Of course, being somewhat bookish and conservative by nature, I wasn’t too keen on strapping my legs cross his velvet engines (as the Blessed Bruce recommended) preferring instead to persuade my long-suffering dad to drive me to wherever it was we were meeting in his permanently filthy orange Opel Ascona.  I wasn’t exactly high-ranking on the cool charts.

So what did he see in me?  Possibly the challenge of conquest.  He wooed me with gifts from his foreign travels – expensive perfume from distant airports, cowboy boots from America, silk pictures from the Orient, gold and pirated music cassettes from the Middle East….

It fairly turned a girl’s head.

Fast forward 30 years *does the wobbly time-shift hands thing*

He still has hair, but the only mullet that he will ever see is one slightly steamed and served up to him on a plate with some boiled potatoes.  He’s still tanned.  But he avoids anything that might cling to his….physique (he likes his food!).

Somewhere along the way, he also seems to have morphed into some kind of Silverback gorilla.  When he’s shaving, he has to decide where to stop before he starts, otherwise he’ll still be shaving at his navel.

He has become very successful at what he does – marine engineering.  He was the youngest Chief Engineer in his Company *swells with pride face*

Tartarus understands money.   He has bookmarked the thisismoney website and regularly shifts money from one account to another to maximise the interest.  Reader, he understands Equity Bonds.

I can barely cope with different James Bonds.

Without a doubt, he’s a Man’s Man.  Apostles Men regularly make the pilgrimage to our garage for car/motorbike/boat engine advice and treat it with the same reverence as one might the pronouncements of a Harley Street surgeon.

He’s an exceptionally hands-on sort of man and has somehow developed the skills to lay a patio, build a garage, fit a kitchen and…. if I’m really honest….he’d rather repaper our bedroom these days than set it on fire with passion 😀

Dear Reader, my lovely Knight of Wands has turned into the King of Pentacles.

I, of course, am still the same radiant slab of Queen of Wands gorgeousness that he married……

How has your partner changed since you got together? What card represented them at the time and what have they grown into? And what about YOU?!

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