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Attention All Librans…How You Doing With Saturn?

Dear Libra,

Has it been but a few months since Saturn got into your sign?  Hey, no! It’s five weeks today. And you’ve only got it in your sign until…oh, never mind. Anyway, how has it been? Early-Librans – that is, the September born Libs – ought to notice it first and of course they are also copping the square to their Sun from Pluto.

So, is there a feeling of evolution? Phoenixing? Are you thinking of metaphors along the lines of how diamonds are only forged via intense pressure? Saturn goes Retrograde in Mid-January so there is a feeling of pressure-off then and even more so when he scoots back into Virgo in April. But Saturn is BACK in your sign from July and until Oct 2012.

As you may know, it’s the ultimate in get thy shit together astro-passages. And, btw,  you can search this site as there is loads of Saturn material. Remember the number one Saturn Rule…When-ever and where-ever Saturn is active, you need a plan. Saturn does not respond to law of attraction or creative visualisations.

So Librans and/or intimates of Librans, please share…

I only seem to know Libran men at the moment and THEY are working like fiends, on rigid schedules to manifest success & getting up earlier. They’re off le grog and on carefully calibrated nutritional regimes to even out their blood sugar etc. So they’re doing it by the Saturn book.

Share?  Oh and  note that the stressy Saturn-Pluto square of mid-Nov comes back in late Jan and again in August. The late January square is the kicker as we have Eclipse-Eclipse-Saturn-Pluto Square…So whatever growth action you thought a good idea in November, it’s good to action it a.s.a.p. and seriously, Santa is powerless in the face of Saturn.

Can you IMAGINE a Santa-Saturn dialogue?

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho.

SATURN: I do not tolerate the denigration of women through degrading nicknames. To whom are you referring?

SANTA: No, it’s how I laugh. I’m jolly.

SATURN: What do you have to laugh about? Have you had a trainer check out your hip to waist circumference lately? Have you ever heard of visceral fat?

SANTA: Lighten up Sir, t’is the season of goodwill…

SATURN: I fear you are mis-informed. T’is the season of Saturnalia and it always has been…You are not even a valid Christian archetype, let alone resonating with any of the older themes of this season.

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho – here,  have a candy stick…

SATURN: If  you bring those disgusting, artificially coloured, factory made sugar atrocities anywhere near me, there will be consequences.

Cue Saturn disappearing from mall in flash of thunder and lightening.

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