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?We Need To Talk About Marzia

🌼We need to talk about Marzia.🌼

Marzia is the friend that everybody deserves. Her character develops so much throughout the movie (not so much in the book). She really shows herself as a very understanding, loyal and forgiving friend. At first, her relationship with Elio is like a “friends with benefits” sort of thing. They’re young, they’re discovering feelings and sexuality, etc. They don’t really date, but they’re attracted to each other. Marzia more than Elio, because we all know Elio’s having his other journey of self-discovery with Oliver, and he’s obviously keener to him than her. But anyways, back to Marzia. There’s a line of hers that really puzzles me. After they went out dancing with Oliver and Chiara, she asks Elio a very ambiguous question. The dialogue goes:

M - “Are you with me because you’re mad at Chiara?”

E - “Why would I be mad at Chiara?” .

M – “Because of him.” .

E – “Because of who?” .

M – “Oliver.” .

In the book, Elio’s reaction is: “I shook my head, feigning a puzzled look meant to show that I couldn't begin to guess where she'd fished such a notion from.” Now here’s where the ambiguity lives. Was she insinuating that Elio was into Chiara and that he was mad at her because she trade him for Oliver? Or was it that Elio was mad at Chiara because she “stole” Oliver from him? Is this ambiguity purposely placed in her question by André and Luca and James? But then there’s this scene. She says “I think you’re going to hurt me, and I don’t want to be hurt.” In the book she goes further. “Not that you mean to hurt anyone, but because you're always changing your mind, always slipping, so no one knows where to find you. You scare me.” Maybe she knew all along that Elio was into Oliver? Or was it the overall fear of getting hurt by someone, specially when this someone is a dear friend? What do you guys think of Marzia and this scene? More thoughts about her in later posts. (And sorry for the huuuge caption, lol)

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