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Headed To The Doctor Today For My 31 Week Appointment And Here'S What I'Ve Got In The Bag

Headed to the doctor today for my 31 week appointment and here's what I've got in the bag. I actually love the quiet time in the waiting room to catch up on podcasts or jotting ideas....and maybe decide on paint colors.😁 Finally found a really good on the go snack option too. These Happy Family prenatal snacks offer probiotics + extra nutrients I certainly haven't been taking enough time to eat! They compliment my prenatals and shockingly have no added sugar. 🙌🏼 (I have to eat every two hours or I get hangry, so these are now in my bag at all times!) *In partnership with

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Renovating our house into a home + the story of the fam that lives there. Humor welcome. Also: @AnnaLiesemeyer Prints + presets shop: @shopihod

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