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Your Scorpionic Venusian Visions

As I am sure you guys have gathered, Venus is about to be in Scorpio for months and months – not so long as Mars spent in Leo just recently but long enough for a bit of a Scorpionic drill-down into our Venusian areas.

By areas, I mean themes. Let’s not get going on vay-jays all over again.

Obviously, my full rave re Venus in Scorpio until January (!) is in the Venusian Luxe: Sex-Magic-Karma Astro Confidential but what do y’all  hope to get out of Venus in Scorp?

Let’s get our intentions set clear for this thing: To get laid? To become more beautiful? Heal ancient love angst? Find your soulmate? Solve a romantic riddle? Improve communication? Seduce a particular person? Enhance love spell skills? Do a great work of art?

It’s nearly upon us and Venus trines Neptune + Chiron as a prequel so after months of shithell we now get some gorgeous Venusian Voodoo to contend with.

It’s weird but a better variety of weird than Saturn opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, don’t you reckon?

So, what are your luxe love resolutions to take you through into 2011…?

Because that’s how long Venus is going to be in Scorpio for & starting from Sept 8/9.

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