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Sun Sign Survey: How Do You Know When It’s Over?

My theory is that there is always ONE moment when an affair/marriage/crush/relationship is over.

You grok it and flip. It may not be the official oh-my-godding style situation but for you, personally, it is as unmistakable as falling IN love.

Psychically, it may as well be a freight train or something.

So, today’s question is simple – citing your Sun Sign (or more if you want to be fancy) what was the moment you knew a love was fading?

I’m not thinking so much those major, drastic and drama-queenie situations where he/she done you blatantly wrong.

More the quietly scary ones.

My feeling is that the Mutables – Pisces, Virgo, Sagg, Gemini – have more sensitive radar to teensy things that they feel are indicative of a general stagnating trend…which they can’t stand.

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