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Abby Lee Miller Showed Her Scars During The 'Dance Moms' Premiere

Tuesday night's three-part Dance Moms premiere had the internet talking. After two years off the air, the show returned with a brand-new cast and a wheelchair-bound Abby Lee Miller, who was more than candid about her recent health struggles. In a moment of vulnerability, she even shared a raw look at herself without a wig.

Longtime fans of the show know that Miller's complex choreography often relates to aspects of her own life, and the premiere's group dance titled, "Broken Heart," proved to be no different. Miller encouraged each of the new dancers to share a story about their own heartbreak before opening up about her own.

"I want to share my heartbreak," she said during an interview. "I want to share what happened to me. I want to be vulnerable for them. What better way to do that than to show them my scar?"

Miller removed her wig to let the dancers see her shorter hair, as well as the 18-inch spinal scar left from the surgeries she underwent to remove a tumor that turned out to be a form of cancer known as Burkitt Lymphoma.

Fans reacted by sending their well wishes and support for her recovery, rooting for her being back on the show.

Others took to social media to tell Miller how incredible she looked with short hair.

Ultimately, fans were vocal about how inspiring it was to see Miller fight the hard fight and end up right where she wanted to be: back in the studio.

Watch the all new episodes of Dance Moms season 8 on Tuesday nights on Lifetime and catch up on all the old seasons on Hulu.

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