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Black Horse - Wanting More Money After Full And Final Settlemets?

I have just started to get calls from Black Horse asking for the �453 which was agreed between a Third Party that would be written off. I paid that a f & f settlement in July 2005 �1500, after i paid this all the calls stopped as i a believe they would due to the F & F Settlement.

The company i used, i did pay for the service and, along with BH there were 7 other companies which i made FFS with. So why have BH started up again. The third is looking to see if the can help with this matter.

If no what can i do?

Also i asked for outstanding amount in a letter on the Thurs 11th May 2006, this letter came on the Monday 15th 2005, The letter has this following statement

"a rebate will be charged if we do not receive the full settlement amount by the settlement date which is Friday 12th May 2006....." this has got to be wrong, as i am supposed to have a crystal ball and �453 just sitting there after a year and the arrears still the July payment is �18.00! . THEY HAVE ASKED FOR ME TO SETTLE THE BALANCE LESS THAN 12 HOURS LATER, AND BEFORE I HAVE RECEIVED THE LETTER OF THE SETTLEMENT AMOUNT!!!

I am having all this trouble due to, the fact that someone has not closed the account on the computer and now the auditors must have been around for it too come out the wood work.

Can anyone help of advise me?

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  • Sue-Ellen Syliboy

    Sue-Ellen Syliboy

    2019-11-29 23:55:28

    Hi CK A quick answer to your question -> Companies DO NOT normally "write off" debt unless you are declared bankrupt or your business is in solvency. On the contrary if this has been done you must have this in writing on headed paper. -> By the sounds of it ... looks like you either used a debt consolidation company or a financial advisor (independant or otherwise). If you have agreed with the consolidation company that the �4xx will be writen off - you need proof of this either in writing from BH or from the consolidation company. -> Please be aware that any arrears - even if the payment is settled in full will CONTINUE to aquire interest - THIS CLAUSE WILL BE ON YOUR T & C's. ON THE OTHER HAND... -> If you have the proof of confirmation of the payment - commonly called as the closing / final statement - then you are in the clear and BH may have to go back to the books and see what is going on - provided that the closing statement SHOWS your debit balance is 0.00DR

  • Karina Aracelli Maldonado

    Karina Aracelli Maldonado

    2019-11-29 08:59:24

    we are now in the clear as BH made a mistake on there books, someone entered the payment as "back pay" not as a f & f settlement and close the account.....!

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