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How The Astrology Forecast For January 2018 Will Affect Your Love Life This Month

It’s time to let ourselves sink deep into our feelings.

As January begins, we have a smoother astrological sky than the previous month which will make all the difference when it comes to our close and personal relationships. Luckily, your January 2018 love horoscope can clear some things up.

We knew 2018 was going to have a very different feel from 2017, but even within this first month, the changes will be evident. In numerological terms, 2018 is an 11 year; 11 is a master builder number that also deeply connects to new beginnings, synchronicity, and twin flames.

Beginning the year, we have an 11:11 super moon on the first day of the first month in an 11 year. So, to say that we will be starting off the year with a bang is to put it mildly.

The moon will be in Cancer but opposite our sun in Capricorn, which will not only leave us with all the feelings, but we’re also going to want to be putting them to work for some higher purpose or goal.

During the majority of the month, Venus, the planet of love, will be in Capricorn, so there is definitely a sense of building in this time period or a continuation of something that most likely began in 2017.

Last year, 2017 was set to be a year of new beginnings as it was a 1 year in numerology, so many of us expected that to translate as a year of wonderful possibilities and magical happenings. But what reality presented was very different. For many, it seemed we were stuck in the gutters of our past or our previous decisions, and no matter how much we worked or how hard we tried, we just couldn’t make things go our way.

It felt like an uphill battle and we just wondered when we’d finally be at the end of it all so we could actually have our new beginning.

The truth is that last year was that beginning, but rarely are beginnings easy. They are often difficult because they are transitions from one way of living to another. They are the in between, the behind the scenes, and the moments that are set apart from the rest of the world.

But all of that changes in 2018, because while it may seem that changes and new developments suddenly appear on the horizon, they were being worked on or developed previously — they just weren’t ready for the eyes of the rest of the world.

This is the energy that we’re going to be walking into 2018 with: the idea of building upon an already stable foundation. Most of us won’t suddenly be starting something new, but rather, seeing something we already began come to fruition and clarity in the coming weeks.

From the beginning of January to the 17th when Venus changes signs, it will be all about commitment, hard work, dedication, and moving forward on our journey, which means we’re going to be feeling the same way about our romantic relationships. This is not a time for one-night stands or "hit 'em and quit 'em" scenarios.

December saw us seeing a plethora of engagements and commitments as the year came to an end. For some, this energy will carry over because of the strong Capricorn energy, which is a sign that favors commitment and settling down. It might be in more untraditional terms, but for most of us, we are going to be craving connection and that feeling of home within another person, stronger than the excitement to get out and try every flavor.

Another aspect that could also play a significant role in gently pushing us towards romantic relationships is that all planets will be turning direct at the beginning of the month, truly giving us the big thumbs up on moving forward in our lives, especially our love lives.

We always feel a push to begin something new at the start of any year, as we often see with resolutions and memberships to the gym, but the area of our hearts feels the same nudge, although we often don’t discuss it. It’s the notion of leaving behind our pasts so that we can enjoy all that is to come.

As we get older, we all accumulate heartache and relationships that ended because they were meant to, but the greatest and most difficult task for any of us is to decide to leave them behind once and for all so we can move into new situations, relationships, and be in the place to embrace new opportunities.

The first half of the month is going to be all about feeling.

We will be truly immersing ourselves in what we’re feeling within our relationships, or being single for that matter. Just because we aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean that this astrology is lost on us; it only means that it’s going to be affecting us differently.

For those who are unattached, there’s going to be a greater likelihood of going within and contemplating their romantic history, not to punish ourselves but as if we feel there is a lesson (or two) that perhaps we missed the first time.

We might even be in the position to truly give ourselves closure over previous relationships and situations that we had thought were healed. This is a time for those who are single to really reflect and feel everything that has brought them to this moment, because it’s only through this process that any of us will be in the place for that elusive new beginning.

After January 17th, Venus moves into Aquarius, which means she’s going to be more independent, freedom-seeking and supportive of the individual aspect of our journey, even if we are attached.

It’s not to say that we will not be feeling the lovey dovey vibes, but only that they are going to be coming from a place of deeper friendship and acceptance.

This is just the beginning of a year that we will remember for the rest of our lives. While 2017 may have been hard, 2018 will have us breathing easier with a sigh of relief as we finally are able to welcome that new beginning that has been trying so hard to create itself. 

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