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25 Funny Texts & Memes To Send After Your First Date (So They Will Ask You On A Second Date!)

Just being extra friendly to someone who's extra attractive.

Admit it, we've all been there: having no clue what to text someone after a first date. Especially if you're interested in getting a second date. You had an amazing time with this person and are hoping for a second date, but ahhhh, what do you say?! 

A thousand thoughts run through your head. Should you text them first or wait for them to text you? You want to follow-up but can't think of anything cool to say. Or perhaps you guys are already texting (yay!) and your date is super witty, sends the funniest memes, but you are stuck at a loss for words. 

2. For a first date during the summer.

3. For those dates who open up about their life struggles. 

4. I'm sure your date can relate to this.

5. The perfect follow-up during your lunch break at work.

6. When you feel like sharing some words of wisdom.

7. Who doesn't love naps?

8. Some lighthearted political humor. 

9. You can't go wrong with a Friends reference. 

10. You'll have to follow up with a photo.

11. A fun way to respond back.

12. It's always nice to give a compliment.

13. If you're a shortie. 

14. A cute way to initiate a conversation.

15. Your date will appreciate a good laugh during the work week.

16. When you're on the subway and want to say hello.

17. Just make sure your date is old enough to know the reference.

18. Some insightful thoughts. 

19. Be sure to actually text it as a Chewbacca quote though. Otherwise your date will be very confused...

20. Another great one for the short people out there.

21. You may get a request for a performance from your date.

22. Something funny to throw in if you're talking about your jobs.

23. This hilarious quote from a caller on The Ellen Show is great for a laugh.

24. A clever way to break the ice if there's an age difference.

25. This quote and photo reference is a fun response if you two are sending flirtatious texts. 

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