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Is “Stubborn” The Main Taurus Characteristic?

Is “stubborn” the main Taurus characteristic? Yes. But when things are going their way, or you like the Taurus in question, it’s self-determination. Or discipline, a la the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, whose writings on stoic philosophy are still famous centuries later.

The Taurus truculence is highly appealing until it’s not. Taurus people can get stuck on politics and dogma or flat-refuse to make even the most desirable change. They’ll beam out faint judgment rays toward anyone they deem flaky, fickle or – the Taurus nightmare – unstable. Of course, it has advantages. The Taurus characteristics mean you’d want one of them engineering your building or doing your accounts.

But changing course mid-project or being nimble in a speedily evolving media landscape? It is not necessarily their core competency. They are a Fixed Earth sign, blessed with fantastic gut instincts and psychologically grounded by continuity. Fuq with that and you’ll be out.

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