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So I Told My Boyfriend How Ever Since I Was About 10 I'Ve Told My Grandma I Was Going To Be Her

So I told my boyfriend how ever since I was about 10 I've told my grandma I was going to be her first grandchild to have a baby, well that didn't work out....but at the moment I'm only 13 and want to have a baby soooooo bad😩

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  • Luiza Cristina

    Luiza Cristina

    2019-12-03 03:34:08

    enjoy your youth and you don't need to rush~

  • Granny McFlurry

    Granny McFlurry

    2019-12-07 00:49:37

    yeah shes an ugly slut

  • LulMa15


    2019-12-08 03:01:56


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