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Buying A New Laptop

With Windows 7 Support ending soon, and our existing laptop very tired, it's time to replace it. It's mostly used for internet/email, photos copied from phone, a bit of Word/Excel usage. Popped in to a Curry's/PC World to see what "Everyday" laptops cost. Looking to spend no more than £350. Was told PCs no longer come with any software so would need to add Microsoft Home/Student package/McAfee/set up etc etc from them for £198. Is this just "upselling". Could I just buy a laptop online (Black Friday?) and Microsoft Word/Excel or use some free software that does similar job. Didn't really want a total spend of circa £550 which Curry's would be

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  • Eloise Warren Ripley

    Eloise Warren Ripley

    2019-12-02 16:02:48

    Start here: Get the "best" you can afford.There are plenty of places where you can get, er, cheap copies of Microsoft Word - don't. If you don't want to pay for software, you don't have to. Start here:

  • Stranger


    2019-12-02 17:39:46

    Open Office is free to download, has all the same features and in many cases is better than Word. I'ts what I and many others use.

  • Windy k

    Windy k

    2019-12-02 06:36:37

    Thanks JimF, I'll take a look at the links tomorrow all being well.

  • Mary Pontes

    Mary Pontes

    2019-12-02 21:58:07

    They are having a turkish, don't touch curry's/PC world et al with a barge pole, for your needs get something like this, I chose I5, 8GB, 500gb £129 all in, more than you'll ever need including software.

  • Hilda Klein

    Hilda Klein

    2019-12-02 04:12:16

    MS Office, £6:

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