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Okay. So I’ve Been Sick The Past Few Days But Only After I Eat. I Was Talking To My Dad And He

Okay. so I’ve been sick the past few days but only after i eat. i was talking to my dad and he said “take a pregnancy test” so i did... Clear results not so clear. should i take another? Or is this correct?

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  • Vivianny Mendes

    Vivianny Mendes

    2019-12-03 03:26:49

    you could take another for double check

  • Kasey Lynn

    Kasey Lynn

    2019-12-03 05:49:13

    honestly I would the smaller window on a pregnancy test is known as the control window if that line doesn't show up a strong solid line then it was a bad test.

  • Allie Easter

    Allie Easter

    2019-12-03 07:02:27

    the control line isn't really present meaning its invalid. I would take another.

  • Simon Hannah

    Simon Hannah

    2019-12-03 16:13:52

    I would get a different test and try again.

  • Tatiana Monet

    Tatiana Monet

    2019-12-04 06:57:42

    invalid test

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-05 01:51:36

    I would wait a few more days then take a test

  • Karlee Ford

    Karlee Ford

    2019-12-05 02:54:44

    i would take another test

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