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Hey Guys Need Advice Took These Two 2 Days Or Less Ago And I Took 2 Today And They Came Back

Hey Guys need advice took these two 2 days or less ago and i took 2 today and they Came back negative ,im a week Late and had white runny discharge Kinda like runny lotion coming out of me 3days ago
Im confused am i pregnant or not?

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  • Destiny Davis

    Destiny Davis

    2019-12-03 05:53:59

    The first two test have faint lines on them stating that you are pregnant but I’d wait 2 weeks before taking another test

  • Kristen Fisher

    Kristen Fisher

    2019-12-03 13:13:30

    If they had those faint lines within ten minutes of testing they are positive wait 4 days and retest every 2 days hcg hormones will increase rapidly

  • Tabytha St Jean

    Tabytha St Jean

    2019-12-03 14:06:55

    i have colostrum coming out of my breasts, but my pregnancy tests came back negative. Doctors tomorrow :(

  • Karla Marie Gunter

    Karla Marie Gunter

    2019-12-03 14:19:27

    The same thing happened to me. I had one that was a faint positive line and took 3 more and they were all negative! I’m a week later with the same discharge! I’ll keep you posted!

  • Kristen Fisher

    Kristen Fisher

    2019-12-03 14:43:42

    That happened to me I was pregnant but the test did not show positive until I was 6 months pregnant

  • Tabytha St Jean

    Tabytha St Jean

    2019-12-03 14:47:38

    @Kristen Fisher ya this would be baby #2. so im freaking out that somethings wrong instead of pregnancy. im going to the doctor's on friday to have a blood test done (i hope) and AF is due on Monday.

  • Colleen Godwin

    Colleen Godwin

    2019-12-03 17:06:05

    It looks positive to me 😊

  • Jovanna Cota

    Jovanna Cota

    2019-12-04 08:40:43

    I appreciate the comments ladies keep me posted on you guys too

  • Brandy Forester

    Brandy Forester

    2019-12-05 03:18:46

    if you look at the top on there is a light line take another one

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-07 04:32:33

    I would wait a few more days then test again

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