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Well I Need Some Help Here!!!!... I Am On Metformin Because My Period S Are Irregular.. And Being

well I need some help here!!!!... I am on metformin because my period s are irregular.. and being in the cyst category... they also said I was over weight... have a 1 year old son but want more children... my doc.. is prob going to put me on fertility meds in January.. I Ben on the metformin for 5 months going on 6... and my periods are still skipping one to two months in-between... can someone tell me it will get better? 😣🤔😕🤪 I will be 40 on February 24th... and I told the doc am I ever going to have more kids?.... I had to have my son c section.

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  • Tiffany Stjohn

    Tiffany Stjohn

    2019-12-02 19:02:33

    no pointers anyone

  • Erica Godfirst Gaddy

    Erica Godfirst Gaddy

    2019-12-03 14:54:43

    Just continue doing what your doing the fertility medication could be a big help don’t give up keep trying!

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