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When I Was Only 15 Years Old I Got My IUD After Being On Pill Birth Control For My Accutane. In

When i was only 15 years old i got my IUD after being on pill birth control for my Accutane. In October of that year I was cheering a pep rally, I have been a cheerleader since i was 10. When blood just started running down my legs. 2 months later it was december, I started passing out almsot everday. My mom finally took me to the ER, That day i found out i was 15 weeks pregnant, with my IUD still in place. When they removed my IUD they said i still had a high chance i could lose my baby, ( i dont know how i didnt already). Then May of 2019 i gave birth to my gorgeous son. Teen pregnancys never plan to happen. But they are the biggest blessing in anyones life. Now i am 16, graduated from highschool. and starting college in 2020. Every baby is a blessing. #PregnancyDiary#GiveThanks

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  • Alice Green

    Alice Green

    2019-12-03 03:17:21

    wow, blessings to both of you~

  • pepper


    2019-12-05 03:25:11

    hope you both well

  • Lunar Official

    Lunar Official

    2019-12-05 09:26:12

    Hello Grace, thank you so much for your sincere story sharing! And we think your story would surely inspire other Lunar Girls to share their episodes. We want to know if you would let us share your post and let more people see it, please tell us your opinion through comment. Have a nice day❤

  • Ana Edwards

    Ana Edwards

    2019-12-06 15:25:12

    so i have been trying to get prego but i can seem to get pregunt dr all have said nothing is wrong with me or him so i dont understand

  • Jordyn


    2019-12-10 00:04:29

    I’m 17 and just found out I’m pregnant .... it’s not expected but every baby is definitely a gift

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