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This Quiz Will Tell You The Exact Age You’ll Get Married

How often do you go on dates?



3.Every few months

4.Once a year...if I'm lucky

5.Pretty much never

Do you snore?

1.Yes, loudly

2.Only sometimes

3.No, but I talk in my sleep or sleep walk

4.No, I'm a quiet sleeper

How many relationships have you been in?


2.One to a few

3.I'm almost in double digist


5.I've honestly lost count

Result: If you can have date weekly and you are a quiet sleeper, and have dozens or lost count of relationships,You must be an experienced lover in your relationship and have a clear idea of what you need and what kind of person to be with. What's the rush? You've got plenty of time to get married, better to focus working on yourself now so you can find the perfect match one day.

If you don't have too many relationships, like dates times are once a year or pretty much never, loudly snore, and have none relationships or one to a few, then you may need to get married a little later, because you need enough time to mature, to think and experience what kind of person is best for you.

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