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It Has Finally Happened I Took This Test When I Was 9 Days Late I Havent Told Any Of My Family Or

it has finally happened i took this test when i was 9 days late i havent told any of my family or my boyfriends family we dont know how to tell them its my 1st his 2nd

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  • Charlie Damron

    Charlie Damron

    2019-12-03 02:58:31

    Congrats girl, and take your time to be prepared

  • kimberly billau

    kimberly billau

    2019-12-03 04:16:20

    thank you but its kinda hard when we live with his mom and dad i cant hide this forever

  • Ana Estrada

    Ana Estrada

    2019-12-03 07:53:09

    Congratulations girl! Wish you both nothing but the best

  • Tasha Lopez

    Tasha Lopez

    2019-12-03 12:52:07

    Do something for Christmas? Like put a box with the altrasound with a balloon attached to the photo and give them the box when they open the balloon (doesn’t matter the color yet) will come out and they will see the photo of the altrasound of the baby. Congrats!!!

  • Jessica Zuñiga

    Jessica Zuñiga

    2019-12-03 13:23:01


  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-03 20:43:17


  • Elizabeth Glaser

    Elizabeth Glaser

    2019-12-03 23:48:15

    congratulations. before worrying about telling family, just let the fact that you are pregnant sink in. and allow yourself, and your boyfriend to find your feelings and your footing on the matter.
    next, you don't owe it to ANYONE (*except perhaps the father>which it sounds like already knows) to tell them before you're ready.
    I also wouldn't go bothering to tell anyone until after you've managed to have your first prenatal exam by whatever practitioner you choose.

    with Christmas and new years right around the corner, I'm sure if you choose to share the news sooner than later>> you could find a fun way to do so.

    best of luck.

  • Lisa Anderson

    Lisa Anderson

    2019-12-05 12:08:50

    Congratulations lady question how long did it take y’all to fall pregnant ?

  • Shereene Smilley Abraham

    Shereene Smilley Abraham

    2019-12-05 13:40:57

    congrats maybe you can help me. What does this mean..Im 22Dpo

  • Cynthia Todd

    Cynthia Todd

    2019-12-05 13:57:45

    how long have you been trying

  • Cynthia Todd

    Cynthia Todd

    2019-12-05 13:59:24

    shereene smilley abraham
    looks to me your pregnant as congratulations

  • Evette L. Morris

    Evette L. Morris

    2019-12-20 02:07:51


  • Racheal Gross

    Racheal Gross

    2020-01-03 16:22:59


  • Denise Norise

    Denise Norise

    2020-01-26 14:14:13

    Got any special days coming up tell them on a big day wearing a shirt that says i💙 baby’s and but give him one first saying I love being a daddy of #2bob

  • Denise Norise

    Denise Norise

    2020-01-26 14:14:27


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