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Well First Off I Wanna Say Congratulations To All The Moms And Mom'S To Be. But Before I Continue I

well first off I wanna say congratulations to all the moms and mom's to be. but before I continue I want to say I am no way against you. but this is the stuff nobody talks about.

when youve been trying for a kid and you can't have one then all of a sudden, people that your close with get pregnant.
you look in the mirror and think somethings wrong with you.
you've played the moment of telling your parents they are gonna be grandparents. or telling your husband that they'll be a dad.
you take a test, more 4 just to make sure it's not a fluke.
and on all of them, it comes up negitive.
you then sit on the floor and cry. and cry.
and this is the part nobody talks about because it's painful and will destroy you.

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  • Natalia Moreno

    Natalia Moreno

    2019-12-03 02:57:29

    It's awful but girls we stick together and won't give up on hope~

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