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Face Reading: Do You Have Lie Detector Lines?

In Chinese face reading, every detail of your face has a special meaning.

Do you see the vertical lines right in front of this woman’s ears? They’re called Lie Detector lines!

If you have these lines, it means you’re better than most people at knowing when someone isn’t telling you the truth, or is pretending things are one way when they’re really not.

It can certainly be a benefit to have these lines by your ears!

But it’s said that the origin of these lines often dates to childhood, when the family pretended everything was fine when it wasn’t or covered up a family problem so no one would know.

But children are very perceptive and can see what the real truth is. And so, at an early age, they develop special antennae for these things.

Do you have these lines?

When you think back to your childhood, does this make sense to you?

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