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Ok Ladies I Got A Question I Need A Answer Please So I Started My Period Today And I Been Throwing

ok ladies I got a question I need a answer please so I started my period today and i been throwing up these pasted days and today I threw up and I noticed while I was in the shower one my top my feet is little swollen and I feel more bloated then I was before and my shorts r more tite and my boobs and I got headaches and back hurts and very emotional and I was wondering can u get pregnant when on ur period

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  • Natasha Dyke

    Natasha Dyke

    2019-12-03 02:50:21

    I think it's hardly possible to be pregnant during period...

  • Whitney Kaucher

    Whitney Kaucher

    2019-12-03 02:57:14

    do u think I should take a pregnancy test or what should I do

  • Tasha Lopez

    Tasha Lopez

    2019-12-03 13:00:25

    I would take a pregnancy test, just to be on the safe side. Can’t yet but rule it out, you know? If your not pregnant there could be something else going on.

  • Tasha Lopez

    Tasha Lopez

    2019-12-03 13:02:08

    And yes this is my wish for Christmas! Keep all the presents keep everything but please oh please be a positive pregnancy test!! 3 more days until my estimated period and I hope it doesn’t come!! Best Christmas Present I could ever give my Husband!!!!

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-03 21:07:12

    That's what we want too

  • Angela Rhinehart

    Angela Rhinehart

    2019-12-03 21:09:27

    My period is due on the 8th of December and my birthday is the 14th of December. So maybe find out before my birthday but not stressing over it. I will be 42 years old

  • Whitney Kaucher

    Whitney Kaucher

    2019-12-04 00:14:27

    I found out I was pregnant on 4th july and August the 8th I had a miscarriage and me and my husband been trying and I started my period yesterday and these pasted days I been throwing up and other stuff and I took a pregnancy tested earlier and one said I'm not pregnant and other one the one line was fainted and I'm take it tomorrow morning when I wake up even though I started my period yesterday



    2019-12-05 02:33:31

    This is my earnest wishes

  • Whitney Kaucher

    Whitney Kaucher

    2019-12-05 02:34:14

    me too

  • Melinda Martinez

    Melinda Martinez

    2019-12-08 15:30:13

    I would love a positive one too

  • Vivian Boggs

    Vivian Boggs

    2019-12-08 20:43:41

    Only prayed a handful of times but I'm due for a period in 4 days, I've been trying for months now and hoping my prayer comes true before Christmas.

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