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What Do The Contours And Shape Of Your Face Say About You?

Practitioners say they can identify health issues, relationship difficulties and help you fulfil your potential all by studying the unique features of your face. This time-honoured practice has been around since at least 400BC, when it was commonly used as a fortune-telling method.
Looking in the mirror, I’d always sort of assumed my own features were a direct product of my genes and so, slightly sceptically, I headed to London to see Saffron Ellidge, face reading practitioner and acupuncturist, to find out my fortune.
At first, the thought of someone being able to ‘read’ me was slightly freaky – akin almost to mind-reading. Would I feel exposed, with my secrets written all over my face for all to see? Would she, shock horror, know what I was thinking?
I needn’t have worried. Face reading is fabulously flattering; all about me; the perfect indulgence. My large, open eyes mean I’m creative and empathetic, according to Saffron. They sit far apart which indicates my tolerant and broad-minded nature, too. Ego boosted, I warm to her immediately. “It does mean, though, that you take on other people’s moods quite easily, and their baggage, so be careful with this,” she says. “Think about someone with very close together eyebrows,” she says. “Someone like Tom Cruise – they tend to be quite domineering people.” So true – tell me more! “Your oval face tells me you are diplomatic, and your full cheeks are what I call ‘moneybags’ cheeks, which means you will be able to earn a lot of money.” All great stuff so far.
Kate Winslet’s face readingDelving deeper, Saffron was able to deduce some surprisingly accurate things about my childhood, and how I find being controlled or restricted very distressing – this is evident from the shape of my hairline. My small nose, however, is ‘not an ambitious one’ but does mean I make a lovely partner. I make sure I let my boyfriend know how lucky he is that evening. And I feel a bit better about my big forehead now, which shows I’m a big thinker, analytical and have a great imagination. But that’s enough about me and my features for now! It’s over to Saffron to explain in a little more detail how it works.
Natural botox
“Face reading provides unique insights into the features and markings on your face. Through greater understanding of your emotions and how they are conveyed through your facial expressions, we can learn how to eradicate lines and wrinkles the natural way – through healthier expression of our emotions,” explains Saffron. “For instance, if you have vertical lines between your eyebrows, you worry a lot or get irritable or angry easily. Identifying which situations make you frown, and make you tense or fretful means you can learn to avoid similar situations in the future (for example giving yourself enough time if you get stressed when late for an appointment), or learn to let go of your anger or quell your worry if you can’t change situations. The lines will miraculously disappear! Crow’s feet are good lines to have – embrace them, as they show that you laugh a lot and are good at getting the best out of your life! If you have lines, like Reese Witherspoon, rather than dimples round the outside of your mouth, make sure you’re stopping to enjoy life now rather than thinking ahead to your next goal or spending too much time worrying about the future.”
Reese Witherspoon’s face readingSaffron explains her art, “Face reading is an accurate and inspiring way to spot – and stop – potential health issues before they manifest physically or worsen. It is also excellent for helping you to draw on your strengths and minimise your weaknesses” she says. “In this way, it becomes an invaluable tool for fortune telling, as if you can realise and release your full potential by tapping into your instincts and intuitive knowledge, and identify your life’s purpose, you can begin to change the course of your life and become a more robust, healthy and contented person.”
How do you shape up?
“To give you an idea: big, strong eyebrows are a sign of strong liver qi (energy). As the liver is connected to anger, this indicates that the person potentially has a big temper. They are often conscious of the power of their anger, so try to keep a lid on it. Conversely, those with thin or small eyebrows may seem easy-going and gentle to others, but are more likely to flare up suddenly; they’re less able to contain their anger. Knowing how you express anger can help you channel it more evenly, and so keep your liver healthy. And recognising how another handles the emotion can help you to respond more calmly when they express it.”

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