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Amber Rose Wants Kim Kardashian To Reveal Saint West In A Photo With Her Son

Are Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian besties now?! We’re not totally sure, but Amber wants their sons to be! has the EXCLUSIVE details on Amber’s crazy idea to break the internet with both Kim and Saint.

Amber Rose, 32, and Kim Kardashian, 35, have come a long way since their bitter feud, as a source close to Amber EXCLUSIVELY revealed to that she has a brilliant idea for how Saint West and her son, Sebastian, could break the internet together. 

“Now that Amber and Kim are new BFFs, she told Kim she should consider publicly revealing Saint in a cute picture with her son, Bash, holding him,” reveals the insider. “She’s not sure if Kim’s down with doing that, but Amber thinks it would break the internet.” Okay, Kim has a little experience with breaking the internet, but does she really want to break it with Amber?

Well, Kim and Amber just posted a selfie, which tons of their fans went crazy for, and the whole world is also dying to see a picture of Saint, so it wouldn’t be too shocking if a picture of the two boys together really did “break” the internet. Amber might have a great idea here! Anything for more fame, right?

Amber would also love for their boys to be best friends. “Amber still has some of Bash’s designer baby clothes that she absolutely adored on him and she offered to give some of her favorites to Kim for Saint,” the source also revealed. Aww that’s so sweet! Maybe things are looking bright for Kimmie and Amber.

But we aren’t too sure if Kim’s hubby Kanye West will be happy about this idea! After all, he doesn’t think Amber is a very trustworthy person, even after the truce she and Kim made. We will just have to anxiously wait on our social media accounts to find out if they agreed to do the reveal together.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kim will agree to reveal Saint West with Amber’s son Sebastian? Let us know in the comments below!

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