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Bonnie Says: Kim Kardashian, You Should Have Kept Your Honeymoon Private, Not Sold Your Pics & Story!

Kim K, some things between you and Kris Humphries, your new husband, are meant to be private. Your three-day honeymoon in Italy should HAVE been off-camera, not splashed all over the cover of ‘US Weekly’ and documented in a six-page spread inside!

Have you no consideration for Kris and honestly, for yourself ? You already filmed your wedding for a two-part TV special and sold your wedding pictures. If you want your marriage to work, some parts of your life MUST stay off camera!

Kim – no matter how successful you are as a reality TV star, your marriage will never be successful if you don’t put some boundaries on your personal life. Selling your honeymoon photos and story to US Weekly can’t possibly be worth the dollars you received. You can’t exploit every important moment that you and Kris have for money, no matter how in love with you he is or how tolerant he is right now. If you keep destroying your personal, romantic time together, Kris will begin to resent you.

I’m warning you, Kim — you and Kris NEED to have true time away from both the television and photo cameras, where you can be truly private and can goof around and talk about your daily hopes, dreams, concerns, anxieties, and plans. Plus, young married couples need time to adjust to their relationship, to being together in a deeply committed way. The first year of marriage with all its adjustments is hard enough for most couples, without TV producers, cameramen and hair, makeup and clothing stylists hovering all over you. And Kim — you already have a very large, intrusive and opinionated family involved with your life and now Kris’s life. That in itself will be tough on your relationship.

US Weekly reported in their story that you and Kris had a “super private” honeymoon, but that’s a lie. A photographer tagged along to take the photos you sold and no doubt there was at least one hair and makeup stylist to make sure that you looked picture perfect in every frame. Your honeymoon photos don’t look the least bit like candids. They were staged photos — a romantic Kim feeding Kris shot, a playing in the water shot, a lying together on a chaise lounge shot etc etc. Taking those photos required setting them up, getting the lighting right and all of that takes time. You had to have spent at least one full day out of your three-day honeymoon taking photos to be sold.

The question is: when is enough money enough? Is investing in one more Birken bag to add to your large collection more important than investing in your marital relationship with your new husband?

Maybe you think that your reality TV career won’t be all that long Kim, and so you need to strike while the iron is hot. But you’re already rich enough to last a lifetime; Kris has many good and financially lucrative years ahead in his basketball career AND your career promises to be red hot for several more years. Surely, you could have taken three days away off from exploiting your love life.

Now, you also let it be known in your honeymoon magazine spread that you’re already trying for a baby. #1: that’s all the more reason to enjoy your “we” time with Kris — who you only dated for nine months before the wedding. You need to get to know each other better. But it also begs the question: will ANY part of that pregnancy or baby’s birth be kept sacred and personal? Doubt it and again, I’m telling you that when you want a marriage to last for 50 years or more, you have to put your real relationship ahead of your bank account.

Bonnie Fuller

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